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Department of educational planning

Head of Department - Anipina Anara Iovna

64 office, 6th floor, tel: 313-11-55, ext. 224

Leading specialist of the department - Asanova Zhannat Nispaevna

52 office, 5th floor, tel: 313-11-55, ext. 285

ESTC Coordinator - Estemesov Talgat Serikovich

404 A cabinet, 4th floor, tel: 350-78-88, ext. 236

The main activities:

• Development, compilation and submission for approval in the prescribed manner of work curricula of specialties in full-time and part-time studies, in accordance with state standards of higher education;

• development of working curricula and an academic calendar;

• Monitoring the planning and implementation of the teaching load of the departments; controlling the distribution and implementation of the training load in the departments;

• Control over the calculation of the individual pedagogical load of teaching staff in the context of the departments and the timely introduction of changes (together with the heads of departments);

• monitoring the timely preparation, approval and implementation of individual teaching staff plans, monthly and annual reports of departments on pedagogical load;

• consideration of documents for the transfer and restoration of students, identifying differences in academic disciplines.

• Control over the provision of curricula, educational and methodical documentation in the departments;

• Control over the formation of a catalog of elective disciplines of specialties

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