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Professional practice department

Syurikpaeva Asel Oralovna

Head of Professional Practice and Business Career Department

Kurmanғazy 107, 6th floor, 61 office

8 (727) 313-11-55 ext. 242.

Fax: 8 (727) 292-98-77

The department of professional practice and business career is a structural subdivision of the D.A. Eurasian Law Academy Kunaev. " The department’s activities are aimed at assisting students in professional practice and at the maximum possible employment of academy graduates. In the "D.A. Eurasian Law Academy Kunaeva "graduated in the following specialties:

• Jurisprudence

• Law enforcement

•    International law

• Customs

 The main work of the department of professional practice and business career:

• expansion of social partnership, strengthening of the Academy’s ties with practice bases and other educational organizations, production;

• assistance to the departments of the Academy in conducting educational and professional (undergraduate) student practice;

• assisting students and graduates of the academy in career development and employment;

• coordination of the structural units of the Academy for the direct employment of graduates;

• forecasting the structure of demand in the labor market based on the results of the analysis of the labor market, determining the ratio of demand and supply of specialists in the regional and vocational qualification context.

 Functions of the practice and employment department:

• provides, together with the departments, planning, organization and accounting of all types of practices;

• together with the departments concludes agreements on professional practices, memoranda of cooperation with enterprises and organizations for the purpose of employing graduates;

• distributes, together with the departments of student interns, the practice bases, prepares a presentation for orders on the direction of students for professional practice;

• coordinates the activities of all departments involved in organizing and conducting professional practice;

• establishes communication with ministries and departments, state organizations and institutions in order to identify the need for specialists in this field;

 • creates a computer database of graduates for employment;

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