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Student service center

The center advises students on academic issues throughout the academic period.

The center is a place where each student receives answers to his questions.

The principles of the Center: confidentiality of information received, cooperation on the basis of trust, objectivity in resolving issues, providing reliable information.

The center is building a dialogue between the administration of the Academy and its students in a new format.

 Goals and objectives of the Center:

v high-quality and fast student service

v improving the functioning of the educational process

v student support in academic matters

v enhancing the role of the student in the management of the educational process

v advising students in difficult situations and contentious issues during the educational process

v provide informational support in constructing an educational trajectory

v inform students about innovations and changes in the normative and instructional documents of the university

v providing full information upon student request

Center Activities:

v Acceptance and registration of applications;

v Consideration and processing of applications;

v Acceptance of applications for all types of paperwork (certificates, academic certificate, transcript)

Students, undergraduates, graduates, applicants and their parents will be able to apply for all issues of interest to them. In particular: receiving documents, deductions, translations, restorations, providing academic leave, obtaining a certificate (all types) and a transcript, information on academic performance, etc.

For any questions related to the organization of the educational process or documents, students can contact the Student Service Center on the 1st floor.

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