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Zhetі zhargy

Issue of newly adopted laws, codes and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory legal acts for the daily practical work of lawyers. Publication of legislative commentary for practitioners; www.zhetizhargy.kz

Since 2011, the Academy has been cooperating with Zheti Zhargy and, on the basis of an agreement (No. 5-2015 of September 28, 2015), has the opportunity to access the publisher's electronic library.


The Republican Interuniversity Digital Library is a corporate electronic catalog of full-text educational resources of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. www.rmeb.kz.

On the basis of annually renewed agreements (No. 78 dated January 5, 2016), the academy is included in the RMEB system and gets the opportunity to use the resources of the electronic libraries of other RMEB participants.

Publishing House "Doe"

The presented free electronic library system is a resource that includes both electronic versions of the books of the publishing house "Lan" and other leading publishers of educational literature, as well as electronic periodicals in the natural, technical and human sciences. The purpose of the resource is to provide universities with access to scientific , educational literature and scientific periodicals on the maximum number of specialized areas, so the range of electronic library systems is constantly expanding. www.e.lanbook.com

IP Paragraph

 Paragraph information system is the largest systematic and quickly updated data bank according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the state and Russian languages. The IP Paragraph contains a set of legal information: the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international agreements, judicial practice and the practice of prosecutorial supervision, regulatory and technical documentation, comments on legislation, texts of regulatory legal acts, forms of legal documents and many reference documents considered by the Parliament of Kazakhstan; approximate forms of legal and business documents and many other equally important documents.www.prg.kz

(Contract No. 1377 dated 09/11/2015) The Paragraph information system is installed in the room. 201. Information is updated monthly.

Polpred.com Media Review


Polpred.com Database Media Review is an archive of publications. Database with the heading: 53 industries / 600 sources / 9 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews of 6000 top officials. Every day, a thousand news, a full text in Russian, a million best stories from news agencies and the business press for 15 years. Search with settings. Word export of hundreds of articles in one click. Internet Services by Industry and Country.www.polpred.com


Undergraduate is the first, basic, level of higher education, which lasts 4 years. Its peculiarity lies in the practice-oriented training, that is, the student receives fundamental training in a wide field of knowledge in the chosen direction. www.bachelor.ucoz.ru

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