Medical center

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Paramedic -

Rasmetova Asiya Amanbaevna

Tel .: 3131155, ext. 232

1st floor 101 office

To provide first aid, the university has a medical center, which is a structural unit of the university. The staff list of the first-aid post provides a medical assistant. The medical center carries out constant sanitary and hygienic control at the places of classes and training, at competitions, in the hostel and in the dining room. To monitor the health status of the faculty, staff and students of the Academy there is a medical center with an area of 34.6 sq.m. The medical office is located on the first floor of 101 office. Each year, an Agreement for the provision of services with the State Unitary Enterprise "City Polyclinic Zhasybay" for medical examination and immunization of students is concluded. There is a license to engage in medical activities, the State Institution "Health Administration of Almaty Region"

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